At My Favorite Farmers Market: BBQ, Chocolate, Meyer Lemon Lavender Marmalade

I’ve written bits and pieces about my favorite year-round farmers market in this space (hello, The Painted Truffle), but in my column in the February 1 issue of US 1, I give the lowdown on everything it has to offer, including the best bbq in the area (to eat in or take out) and exciting plans, expansions, and changes underway.

I’m talking, of course, about the continuously evolving Stockton Farm Market, which also has going for it that it is totally indoors, is open 3 days a week, and is located in a charming NJ river town.

Pictured above: the headlined marmalade, from Simple Living 101. Below are just a few of the mushrooms at the Chettie’s table – which also had fresh black truffles for sale the day I took this photo. 

And speaking of US 1, my cover story last week previewing NOFA-NJ’s winter conference drew 100 walk-in registrations according to the NOFA staff! Total attendance was around 525, their highest ever. If you were among the 100, thank you! Feel free to comment here on your experience.

2 responses to “At My Favorite Farmers Market: BBQ, Chocolate, Meyer Lemon Lavender Marmalade

  1. Are those JERSEY truffles, Pat? and if so, how do they compare with those from France, Italy or (dare I say) Oregon?

    • June: I didn’t actually buy them – in fact, I didn’t even ask the price because I didn’t want to be tempted. But they looked like bona fide European black truffles to me. Now you’ve gone and given me an excuse to indulge: it’s work-related research, after all! It may take me a while (and I don’t know how often the truffles are there), but I’ll dutifully report back as soon as I can. Btw: Jersey truffles? Is there really such a thing????

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