Some Thoughts on the Art of Restaurant Reviewing

Chamber of Commerce talk

Photo courtesy Barbara Figge Fox. On left: Barbara Figge Fox & Rich Rein, both of US 1 newspaper

Last week I spoke on this subject to members of the Princeton Regional Chamber of Commerce – and had a ball. In the audience was Rich Rein of US 1 newspaper and Community News Service, who was my editor and my patron for many years. Here in the February 21st issue of US 1, he provides a very nice, thoughtful recap of my talk, for which I am very grateful.


5 responses to “Some Thoughts on the Art of Restaurant Reviewing

  1. Pat: Thanks for sending this interesting and illuminating piece, congrats on giving the talk, and thanks for the kind look back at your NJM days. We obviously had our differences, but you contributed a lot to the magazine in those years and I will always appreciate that.

    I confess I did not know about the death of Jim Hamilton. I’ve emailed Andy Clurfeld, asking her to write something about him.

    Allbest, Eric


  2. Right back atcha, Eric!

  3. Thoroughly enjoyed Rich Rein’s story. I miss you, Rich, Barbara, the entire Princeton crew. I’m still pulling out yellowing clips of Pat Tanner recipes on a regular basis. And how many years did we work together before we discovered, to our mutual astonishment, that we had grown up within walking distance of each other, on opposite sides of Branch Brook Park? Patronized the same North Newark pizzerias and bakeries? Best wishes, always!

  4. Right back atcha, Michael! I’m delighted to say that I’m going to be back in Newark for lunch tomorrow at one of the venerable Portuguese restaurants in the Ironbound.

  5. Great read.. .You ARE the best. Thanks for sharing.

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