Want the scoop on what it’s really like to be a restaurant critic?

Well here’s something I never imagined I’d be doing: Holding a lecture – twice, actually, plus a real-time restaurant field trip – on the art and science of restaurant reviewing. You can join me this fall at the Princeton Adult School for a no-holds-barred evening or two.

I will share the ins and outs of some of my reviews for NJ Monthly, the Princeton Packet, South Jersey magazine, and other publications (including letters to the editor that they elicited, as well as threats to my editors to pull advertising, and at least one threat of physical harm). In addition to answering students’ questions, I plan to address these topics:

  • The debate over the need for anonymity (as you may know, I eventually adopted a disguise)
  • The components of a useful, well-rounded review
  • Attracting and maintaining a readership and/or social media audience
  • Dealing with the unexpected on a review and afterwards (e.g., blown cover, food poisoning, rude staff, dealing with irate chefs and restaurateurs)

Sound like fun? It does to me! I hope to see you there. Get all the relevant details and sign up here. (For the record: that is NOT a photo of me next to the listings. But come to the lecture and I’ll show you a photo of me in disguise, and tell you the secret behind how I developed it. It was so good that even family members did not recognize me.)

2 responses to “Want the scoop on what it’s really like to be a restaurant critic?

  1. Rosalie Saferstein

    Fun event.  Brother’s Moon is closing. Do you know what he will be doing? Another restaurant coming in the place? 

    Sent from Yahoo Mail for iPad

  2. Pat It is good to hear from you! I did not receive an email in a very long time. I am sure everything is going well and I hope to see you soon.

    Laurent Chapuis


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