Ryland Inn Earns 4 Stars; Last-Minute Thanksgiving Side Dishes from NJ Chefs

It’s one stop shopping for both the review and the side dishes at NJMonthly.com! The Ryland review – by my sometime-boss and tough cookie Eric Levin – represents the first “extraordinary” rating bestowed by the magazine in a decade. I dare you to not laugh out loud at Levin’s reporting on being imprisoned in the men’s room.

While you’re at the magazine’s website, take a gander at the collection of holiday side dishes I’ve glombed from chefs and cookbook authors around the state. Among these jewels:

Tuscan Kale with Pine Nuts & Golden Raisins
from Chef Matt Sytsema of Griggstown Quail Farm

Orange Ginger Carrot Puree from Aaron Philipson of Blue Bottle Cafe

Cranberry Acorn Squash from Carol Byrd-Bredbenner’s Fresh Tastes from the Garden State

Potato Turnip Bake from me.

btw: These sides work equally well with ham, so keep them in mind if that’s your Christmas dinner centerpiece.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

3 responses to “Ryland Inn Earns 4 Stars; Last-Minute Thanksgiving Side Dishes from NJ Chefs

  1. Loved the review and loved Eric’s fun POV!!

  2. Don’t laugh.. I got locked in the same bathroom. And then the lights went off as they are on a timer!
    You can find me behind the bar at the Ryland Inn usually from Thursday to Saturday. Cheers! wb

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